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Do you have your family wedding, birthdays, Christmas events, kids sporting events, school concerts, etc on Hi8 tapes? Without a player you will be unable to watch these precious memories. Even with a player, your tapes are fragile. Each tape has moving parts that deteriorate through wear and tear by playing and over time, the elements (dust, smoke, water, heat, humidity, and magnetic fields) can render them useless. If you don't have your tapes transferred the memories will be lost forever.

If you shot video in the 1990s, chances are you shot on this format. If this was the case, you may have boxes of these old tapes in your garage, attic, basement, cupboards, etc. Possibly, you no longer have a player, new players are unavailable and second hand ones are of questionable quality?

Now is the time to have a look at your shoeboxes full of video tapes and relive the memories. Now is the time to transfer them.
Don't delay! Call us today to save your precious memories at the highest quality possible. Let us transfer your video tapes to USB or DVD.

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